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ArteeMate  – Your Wedding Photographer in Bangalore or Anywhere.  With fun-filled, off-beat and contemporary approach to wedding photography, ArteeMate has been documenting stories of love everywhere – nationally, overseas and wherever a wedding takes us!  Headed by Shyam  & Prem – both as Partners and Lead Candid Photographers of the team, ArteeMate has over 11 years of rich, creative and memorable experience in the Indian Wedding Industry.  ArteeMate understands the importance of your wedding and all the sentiments attached to it.  Check our portfolio/gallery, and we hope you enjoy the stories told.  With the experience of covering hundreds of Indian Weddings across India & Overseas, we hope that we will create your memorable story soon.

We offer Candid Photography, Conventional/Traditional Photography, Ultra-High Definition Videos, and all other services related to wedding photography and/or videos – all within your budget.  Contact us now to check out our extended wedding-photography samples, current offers, and our packages.  All of our wedding packages can be customized based on your requirements, budget range, and location of the event.  Apart from Weddings, we also cover Engagement Ceremonies, Sangeet, Mehendi Events, Birthday Parties, Anniversary Parties, and all other social/religious events.  ArteeMate also extensively covers Corporate Events and proudly been enlisted as official photographers for a couple of reputed brands and organisations across India.

Why To Select ArteeMate As Your Wedding Photographer?

  • 11+ years of rich experience in Weddings, family, social & corporate events.
  • Being a wedding photographer in Bangalore, we are ready to travel for projects, anywhere within India or abroad.
  • Experienced in working for all communities, religion, region and culture.
  • Affordable & flexible pricing policy with 100% customization options.
  • One of the largest, well experienced & dedicated team with 28+ professionals.
  • Two candid photographers for all premium wedding packages.
  • Ultra-HD Blu-Ray Videos with complimentary short video highlights/trailer.
  • Genuine branded Canvera album with 25-years of replacement guarantee.
  • Proper documentation, quick TAT, committed delivery & prompt customer service.
  • Centrally-located & easily-accessible registered office in a prominent location in Bangalore.

Who We Are

We have over 11 years of experience in wedding storytelling nationally and internationally.  We narrate your wedding story through our lenses to preserve your memories, lifelong.

What We Do

Each wedding is unique and special. We put efforts to understand your preferences, match them with our expertise and help you in preserving the gracious moments in every step on the way.

Our Mission

To create your best wedding story, we creatively capture elements and moments that are packed with love.  We fulfill all our commitments to maintain a sweet relationship forever.

Our Portfolio

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Meet Our Team

Meet our team of creative, enthusiastic and energetic people, always passionate to explore and learn new things that propel them to drive the best possible results for our clients.  Each member of our team reflects the vision of our company of delivering creative memories to each of our clients that would last a lifetime. Collectively, we work towards the common goal of providing you with the most memorable and happy experience that one can possibly have in terms of wedding coverage. Contact us now to hire ArteeMate for your upcoming wedding.


Talented and Amazing Team

Our photographers, Shyam and Prem captured the most stunning photographs. They were genuinely interested in understanding what we were looking for, and they worked tirelessly to capture moments that I truly believe many other photographers would have missed. They truly are very talented and together an amazing team. We couldn’t be happier with the beautiful albums we have moments we will treasure forever that are now sitting on our coffee table.

Bangalore, India

Great Souls, Great Job

This is one of that review which I am writing not for the sake of it... But for all the future brides who are looking for the right kind of photographer... You guys left no stone unturned in capturing those fairy tale moments in such a mesmerising way. My album seconds my opinion that ArteeMate Wedding & Events team was the rightest of my decision for the wedding shoot. Loved loved loved the passion you guys have as an artist. Kudos to Shyam and Prem. Great Souls... Great Job. Wish you oodles of success always.

Chennai, India

Reassuring Feeling

Weddings are celebrations! From the very first phone call I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. Every meeting since gave me this reassuring feeling that our day would be every bit as special as it could be. We wanted the process of putting this day together to be as stress free as it could possibly be. Thank you so much you guys!!!

Bangalore, India

Exceeded My Expectations

I can honestly say that ArteeMate Wedding & Events organization and attention to detail totally exceeded my expectations on every level. Their help and support even extended after the wedding, they were only a phone-call away. I’m happy to speak to anyone that may be considering getting married using ArteeMate Wedding & Events.

Bangalore, India

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With fun-filled, off-beat and contemporary approach to wedding photography, ArteeMate

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  • Prem : +91 998626364


The ArteeMate Blog

Check our blog out!  If you want to keep up to date on everything going on with wedding photography as well as photography in general, keep visiting our blog and stay tuned.

ArteeMate Blog Posts

No Indian can deny bargaining as the national sport of our country. We are so much obsessed with mileage. Therefore we have fixed rate for our services and never over-quote it. We get rebuked from our potential customer, “Come on, that’s not how it works here!” The budget is the biggest limiting factors when it comes to hiring a candid wedding photographer in Bangalore, considering all things even today.

The biggest confusion usually couples have about candid wedding photography is why is it cost the same as it is in abroad. Some of my NRI clients were surprised to hear that I charge as much as photographers do abroad! The simple, one-word answer to this is: Globalization. Really, there is no big difference between people living in, say, Boston and Bombay. Real standards of living are comparable, estate rents are comparable, and even the price of electronics (cameras, lights, lenses, computers, about a million adaptors and cables of every kind, etc) are similar if not costlier in India! Professional candid wedding photography is still considered to be an “offbeat” career and the cost of doing business suffers because of that.

That being said, there are two excellent things that you can take away from this. The first thing is that Gold and Indian Wedding Photography are still of the same worth. While foreign weddings tend to be one day of two events (wedding + reception) affair, Indian weddings usually have multiple events spread out minimum of two days. Considering this you avail services of a candid photographer for the same price for a longer duration, covering more events, and consequently more photos. Isn’t this interesting?

The second is that Indian Candid Wedding Photographers are world class. We aren’t saying that just because we are candid wedding photographers ourselves (being completely impartial)!  Now foreigners (and not just NRIs) fly Indian photographers out to India for their weddings, just because they fell in love with their candid photography. This is growing, and we can only expect to see bigger and better talents to emerge over the next few years.

I’d like to leave you with the simple message I always leave you with. Stop worrying about all this, and simply hire Best Candid Wedding Photographer in Bangalore.

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